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Botox Specialist - Crows Feet

Crows Feet

Faces Refreshed - Lynnette Allen NP-C

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How Botox Gets Rid of Crows Feet ?

Crow's feet, known scientifically as lateral canthal lines, occur when your orbital muscles shorten and relax, causing wrinkles to appear then disappear. Actions like smiling or squinting are an example of this muscle movement, making them a crow’s feet culprit. As you age and your skin loses some of its natural elasticity, these once-shallow wrinkles become permanent, and more deeply set. In addition to muscle movement, lack of oil-secreting glands around the eyes—combined with a thinner inner layer of skin—make the area more susceptible to drying and wrinkling as we age.

When wrinkle relaxers are correctly applied to the Crowsfeet, a naturally looking result can be achieved by slightly relaxing the smile lines around your eyes, rejuvenating your overall appearance.

Botox For Crowsfeet - How To Achieve Natural  Looking Results

The key is to distinguish between wrinkles as a result of movement (smiling for instance) vs at rest. Botox and Dysport help with wrinkles as a result of movement; when used correctly they can widen the eye, relax the wrinkles and give you a well-rested look.

Our patients often comment on celebrities with "frozen" faces and their fear of having an overdone look. A natural look is possible, but only if you choose a skilled and experienced cosmetic injector for your BOTOX treatment in Melville, Long Island or New York. Lynnette Allen, NP-C has the specialized technique and experience required to improve wrinkles without compromising facial expressions.

Naturally Refreshed Crows Feet Results


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Using Botox for crows feet is a great way to look rested and refreshed. By simply reducing the wrinkles around the eyes, many of our patients feel as though they look more awake and rejuvenated.

From New York to Long Island, the number one thing patients want are treatments that help them achieve a naturally refreshed, rejuvenated version of themselves rather than a fake frozen look. By being conservative and offering free a touch-up for her botox treatments, we insure consistently natural results. View our photo gallery for examples of consistently natural looking botox treatments for crows feet.

To achieve the best most natural looking results with Crows feet,  proper placement and dosage of the Botox injections are crucial to success.  

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