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 Thermiva Specialist: Non-Surgical Vaginal Rejuvenation

Reclaim your sexual health

Revive your well being

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Faces Refreshed - Lynnette Allen NP-C

734 Walt Whitman Road - Ste 101

Melville, NY  11747


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Reclaim. Revive. Restore. 

Lynnette Allen, NP-C, is a certified ThermiVa provider and uses the ThermiVa for vaginal rejuvenation in her Huntington Long Island NY office.

ThermiVa is the leader in non-ablative vaginal rejuvenation technology. The ThermiVa uses radiofrequency technology to tighten and improve the appearance of the labia and vagina for a more feminine and youthful appearance. This treatment has the added benefit of reducing the effects of stress incontinence, improving vaginal laxity, dryness of the labia and vagina, and increasing sensitivity and orgasmic functionality. Many of these side effects occur due to vulvovaginal atrophy and laxity, which can occur as a result of childbirth, aging, premenopausal and menopausal tissue degeneration.

Why use ThermiVa for Vaginal Rejuvenation in Melville, Long Island, New York

ThermiVa is a NEW non-surgical procedure for labia and vaginal tightening and rejuvenation.  ThermiVa is the first and only temperature controlled radio frequency system for women who want results in sexual desire (low libido), vaginal laxity, vaginal/vulvar dryness, mild to moderate stress incontinence, and sexual or orgasmic dysfunction without surgery.

Most women suffer from incontinence, orgasm dysfunction, prolapse, vaginal laxity, and/or vaginal dryness as a result of childbirth or a change in hormonal status. They seek and want an intelligent choice for their female needs: a choice that is easy to handle, has no pain or recovery time and provides fast results. The ThermiVa is that choice. The ThermiVa is the first non-surgical and thermal-controlled radiofrequency procedure to relieve symptoms associated with female gynecological conditions.

Take the Vaginal Rejuvenation Survey
  • Do you feel "loose" vaginally since childbirth and/or menopause?

  • Do you feel dry during intercourse?

  • Do you have trouble reaching orgasm?

  • Do you occasionally dribble or leak when you sneeze, cough or exercise?

  • Have you ever "not quite made it" to the bathroom on time?

  • Have your intimate relationships suffered due to these changes?

  • Are you experiencing a loss of self-confidence?

  • Are you experiencing a loss of interest in sex? Loss of desire?