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Here's To a New Year and Writing a New Chapter


As we turn the page on 2017 we are grateful and humbled by the wonderful people that have crossed our path. We start a new chapter in 2018 and we are excited for the things to come and have yet to be written.

In the coming New Year we start a new chapter in our journey by expanding our office, offering new services and personnel and finally (after many repeated request) launching our new website

We love what we do and greatly value the enduring partnerships that have been established with the uniquely beautiful and wonderful clients that have repeatedly trusted us with the most visible area of their body – their face.

So we resolve to continue working hard to maintain your trust and generosity so that the next chapter in our journey is filled with pages written in success and happiness with the ink of satisfaction from all the people we have the pleasure to work with.

May 2018 bring everyone Prosperity, Happiness, Health and Love!

Happy New Year!!!

Lynnette Allen, NP-C

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