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Important COVID-19 Update From Faces Refreshed Lynnette Allen, NP-C

March 28, 2020

Dear Patients,

After careful consideration of the rapidly rising cases of COVID-19 in New York State (which now has the most among all states and has been designated a hot spot) and in support of government efforts to reduce the burden on hospitals, we have decided that the continued closure of the office for an additional week is in the best interest of our patients, our staff and the community at large.

We appreciate your understanding if it takes a bit longer for us to return calls, emails or text inquiries as we try to revamp things to accommodate our patients. We have been investigating options for providing medical care and consultations virtually using “telemedicine” and we will keep you updated on that as well.

We know many of you have been asking about our skin care and pharmaceutical products being available for pick up while many may not be able to come to the office over the next few weeks to replenish them. To that end we will soon be rolling out the ability to order our products online through our website. We will hopefully have this operational sometime this week.

We’re navigating challenging times here, but together, we know we’ll get through it. Our thoughts go out to everyone affected by this crisis. Please know we are here to support ALL of our patients. If you have any questions or concerns we encourage you to reach out to our office. We will do our best to address your questions or concerns and support you any way we can.

Please practice social distancing, stay safe and stay healthy.

Faces Refreshed - Lynnette Allen, NP-C

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